You have reached the website for the ENT and Audiology Center of Southlake.

On December 23, 2022, our office experienced severe damage due to a flood caused by our fire control sprinkler system. This made it impossible to continue to provide any medical services at this location, with projected repair/restoration expected to take at least 6 months. This hardship forced us to make significant unexpected changes:

Dr. Bryan chose to accelerate his retirement date from April 15, 2023, and he has officially closed his professional practice.

Dr. Mettman will be merging her practice with Texas Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, L.L.P. (“Texas ENT”) and will resume seeing patients there soon (likely early April 2023).

Dr. Brooke Casey, our audiologist, is taking the opportunity to open her own audiology practice and will soon be seeing patients at Audiology Center of North Texas.

Dr. Mettman’s Patients

If you are a patient who was treated by Dr. Mettman, or are seeking an appointment as a new patient, please contact Texas ENT at (817) 952-5508.

Southlake, TX Office
2813 W Southlake Blvd, Suite #150
Southlake, TX 76092
(817) 835-9289

Grapevine, TX Office (located near Hwy 114 E frontage and FM 1709)
1600 W College St, Suite #270
Grapevine, TX 76051
(817) 835-8720

Medical records of patients who have been treated by Dr Mettman will be transferred to Texas ENT. A copy of your medical records can be released to you or another physician with a signed authorization to release your records. Authorization forms can be obtained upon email request to Texas ENT at [email protected] and completed forms can be sent to Texas ENT via fax to (817) 355-4532 or via email to [email protected].

Dr. Casey’s Patients

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Casey, call
(817) 393-2270 or email Dr. Casey directly at [email protected].

Visit her website for additional information:

Dr. Bryan’s Patients

Although Dr. Bryan will no longer be seeing patients, he is grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of your healthcare team. For Dr. Bryan’s hearing-impaired patients, he is pleased that Dr. Casey, with whom he has worked closely for the last twenty years, will remain available through her new practice, to continue to provide for your audiological needs, and to offer expert assistance in acquiring and servicing your hearing aids. He extends his best wishes to both Texas ENT Specialists and Dr. Mettman as they combine practices to continue to provide care for their patients.

Patient-initiated medical record requests will be released upon the receipt of both:

(1) a completed and signed medical record release form (link below) mailed to the address below, and
(2) a $25.00 fee* payable through the link below or through U.S. mail sent to the address below.

Michael D. Bryan, MD
Medical Record Request
PO Box 249
Roanoke, TX 76262


Please include an email address on your record release form. Your records will be sent to you via an encrypted HIPAA-compliant email.

*As set out in 22 Tex. Admin. Code section 165.2 (Medical Record Release and Charges)